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The New Roman Missal :

Being Church in the United States



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Currently, he is pastor of St. Joseph Church in Miami Beach. Father Juan was ordained in 1972 for the Archdiocese of Miami, assigned twice to the pastoral staff at St. Mary's Cathedral before being named pastor of St. James Church. Father Sosa was Executive Director of the Ministry of Worship and Spiritual Life for 16 years and is currently president of the National Hispanic Institute of Liturgy, and Consultant to the Commission on Divine Worship of the US Catholic Bishops. He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Liturgy for Hispanics in the United States.



Father Nolasco Tamayo is the Director of Multicultural Ministry for the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island. Father Nolasco also serves  in the parishes of St. Anthony, Our Lady of Presentation in North Providence and as vicar of the Hispanic community in San Eduardo in Providence. He is originally from Medellin Colombia and has served in the Diocese of Providence since 2003. Father Tamayo is a frequent speaker at the Diocese of Providence Annual Convocation for Faith Formation.



Damaris Thillet was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She is a composer, speaker, musician and vocalist. He obtained his university degree in Music Education and graduate studies from La Salle University with a vocal concentration from Temple University in the city of Philadelphia. She worked as Coordinator of Hispanic Liturgical Music and as Director of the Music Education Program in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for more than 16 years. She currently works as the Associate Director of the Office of Divine Worship in the Diocese of Camden and is the music director at Divine Mercy Parish in Vineland, NJ. Damaris is part of the board of directors of the Instituto Hispano Nacional de Liturgia where she represents the Northeast of the US. Her musical compositions and that of her late husband Diego  Correa has been published by OCP and WLP.

Learn more about Damaris Thillet and her music.  in:



Pedro Rubalcava is a nationally known bilingual/bicultural clinician, composer, and performer with expertise in various musical styles. He has been leading liturgical music groups for over 40 years. He has been working in professional pastoral ministry in various areas including liturgy and music, evangelization, youth and young adult ministry, catechetical ministry, and RCIA for the past 31 years. Pedro received national recognition in 1990 when Amanecer, his bilingual music collection, was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Mexican/American Performance category. Currently, Pedro is the Director of Hispanic Ministries for OCP. He also serves on the executive boards of the National Hispanic Institute of Liturgy (INHL), the National Council for Hispanic Ministry (NCCHM), and the Northwest Regional Office for Hispanic Affairs (NWROHA).



Ángel Correa, Puerto Rican and resident of Connecticut. He is Vice-President and founding member of the Association of Hispanic Musicians (AMPHE) and director of the Hispanic Choir of Santa María Estrella del Mar parish in New London, Connecticut. Angel also works partially as a liturgical pastoral speaker and musician in the New England area. He earned his master's degree in Dogmatic Theology from Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. In the past, he worked as a musician and speaker with the OMI Oblate Fathers community at Immaculate Retreat House in Connecticut, and for several years as Hispanic music coordinator at Holy Apostles Major Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut. He is a delegate of the regional V Encuentro representing the diocese of Norwich, Connecticut. Ángel resides in Connecticut with his wife Teresita and their daughter Isabela.


Silvio Neck

Silvio Cuellar was born in Córdoba, Argentina and grew up in Bolivia. He immigrated to the United States in 1990. He is a pastoral musician, composer, journalist, and speaker on liturgy, life, and family issues. He serves as diocesan coordinator of the Office of Hispanic Ministry of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, as Associate Editor of the newspaper "El Católico de Rhode Island" and also as director of music at the parish of Saint Patrick in Providence where he directs choirs in English. and in Spanish. Silvio has many years of experience facilitating workshops and educational programs for choirs and families. At present he writes liturgical music for OCP. He is Secretary General of the Association of Hispanic Pastoral Musicians of the East (AMPHE) and currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife Becky and their seven children.

Maria Perez-Rudisill 1.jpg


Maria has a BM in Music Performance from FIU and an MS Ed in Interdisciplinary Arts from Nova Southeastern University. With over 40 years of experience serving as a Pastoral Musician for the Archdiocese of Miami, she is currently the Music Ministry Director for St. Matthew Catholic Church, Hallandale Beach, FL. And Director of the Archdiocesan Hispanic Choir for the Archdiocese of Miami. Maria had the honor of serving as one of the Singing Team members creating some of the musical settings for the new Misal Romano (Spanish Roman Missal for use in the United States).



Author of the book  "Beyond the Four Walls: The Rising Ministry and Spirituality of Hip-Hop"  Dr. Walter Hidalgo belongs to the Fathers and Brothers Maryknoll organization, a branch of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island to immigrant parents from Guatemala. He holds a Doctorate in Ministry and  Transformational Leadership and Organization with Harmonization of Faith at New York Theological Seminary. New York, NY. with concentration in  Leadership, education and spirituality. He also holds a Master's degree from Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University, New York, NY. with a concentration in the History of Church and Society

36726883_10105574036772512_1939915996072509440_n[2] (1).jpg


Arcangel Santiago was born in Meriden CT to Puerto Rican parents. He is Coordinator of Hispanic and Multicultural Liturgical Music at St. Mary Parish  in Norwich CT.         Arcangel works as Cantor, Catechist and Leader of the Ministry of Liturgical Setting. Arcangel has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design and a Master of Architecture. Arcangel is a member of the AMPHE board of directors and works in the areas of communications and social media.



Suzzette Ortiz is a pianist, composer, choral director and educator. He earned his bachelor's degree in piano performance from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, as well as a master's degree in education and composition from Temple University of Philadelphia, PA. Since completing her college studies, Suzzette has continually sought out workshops and learning opportunities in her constant quest to grow as a musician and educator. These efforts have resulted in two trips to study Latin piano, rhythm and composition in Cuba. Suzzette  he also has graduate school credits in choral conducting at the Philadelphia University of the Arts, and the Julliard School of Music in New York City.



Emily Cuellar is a young Catholic from Providence RI. For the past four years, Emily has been studying at Salve Regina University. She is currently triple majoring in Music, Philosophy, and Psychology. Emily currently works as a Youth Minister in two parishes. Work part time for the office           Diocesan School of Youth Ministries, and directs - teaches music for a program     education christian.


alex neck

Alex Cuellar has been leading music as a vocalist and musician for the past eight years in the Diocese of Providence RI. He started in his second year as an acoustic guitarist and singer for his school's worship team.   high school. He is currently the Music Ministry Coordinator at St. Patrick's Church in Providence, and is a Pastoral Musician at both La Salette Shrine in Attleboro and Holy Cross Family Ministry in North Easton, MA.



  • Use the Registration Form  to send us your information along with the check or "money order"  payable to Saint Patrick Church. Print and fill out one registration per person. Register 7 or more people from your parish and receive a free registration.   


  • Choose one workshop per session. Before sending your registration form with the check or "money order", verify that you have a Workshop for Session A and a Workshop for Session B.


  • Visit the Accommodation (Hotels) section to see all the options available at nearby hotels.


  • We recommend that you make a copy of your registration form and your check or money order to be presented once you arrive at the conference. Registration is non-refundable after October 22, 2018.


  • If you have questions regarding registration, please contact:

    Victoria Salazar

    (401) 663-3406

    Silvio Cuellar

    (401) 714-8096

  • Registrations will be mailed only with full payment by check or money order to:   

    St Patrick Church

    244 Smith Street  Providence RI 02908

    Write on your check or money order “Conference  AMPHE 2018” in the memo

  • Early registration: $35 until September 30; $50 from October 1st onwards.

  • Registration includes access to the concert on Friday night, conference on Saturday with lunch included, bag and materials, culminating with Mass at 6:15pm.

  • Stick around to join in the fun and share your talents in an open mic section. Tickets for the pre-party dinner: $7.00

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How to Effectively Use Technology and Social Media:

Choir rehearsals: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, ects
Technology and social networks can be important elements in the performance of our ministry if we know how to get the most out of it. You will have the opportunity to learn how to use these applications correctly while helping us to prepare in advance for rehearsals and presentations in a fast and changing world.


The Use of the Guitar in the Liturgy

Basic rhythms and practical tips

Hispanic music has a variety of genres and rhythms. A workshop designed for the liturgical guitarist where you can explore the execution and accompaniment of various rhythmic patterns on the guitar.  Participants must have basic or intermediate knowledge to take this workshop.

(Please bring your guitar and a music stand to play your music)


The Roman Missal Third Edition:

History, novelty and application in our life and liturgical music


It is the first time in history that this country has its own Spanish edition of the Roman Missal. This book is not just for bishops and priests but for all God's people. It is a way that Hispanics express worship within our diversity as a people. Let us learn what its application is in the liturgy of the Church.


The Usher and an effective Ministry of Hospitality:

Ministry of Love and Service

The usher is often the first official representative of Jesus Christ that people see as they enter the house of God. The positive attitude that an usher communicates helps set the tone of trust and spirituality for all whom God calls each Sunday. What are the challenges and obstacles of ushering? How to form an effective Hospitality team? We will share some successful pastoral practices and tools.


The Minister of Music and the Ministry:

A channel of grace or stumbling block?

Why is spirituality important?

Every person who approaches this ministry must first aspire to serve.  Leading the people of God is more than anything else a vocation. A parish's music ministry can enrich as well as weaken celebrations. How can we live what we sing and sing what we live? What are we missing?


The Ministry of the Reader:

Proclaimers of the Word of God

and channels of his grace

When the Holy Scriptures are proclaimed in the Church, it is God himself who speaks to his people. Being part of this ministry at Mass is an honor, not a right. A good reader must have biblical-liturgical training, technical training and spiritual training. Let's talk about how to take advantage of such an important vocation.


The Problem with Modern Day

Youth Ministry: 

Transforming Youth from Event Goers to Disciples

Youth ministry is a unique, challenging, but also fulfilling calling. How can we as ministers reach their basic needs and form life-long disciples. How can we move away from only being an “event ministry” towards creating authentic relationships with the youth whom we serve? Come explore these challenges and learn new ideas to strengthen your youth ministry.


Songs Appropriate for Weddings, Quinceañeras and Funerals

What can or cannot be sung? 

Music as a means of evangelization enhances and enriches these celebrations. Although there is very nice music, unfortunately not all music is appropriate for the liturgy. In this workshop we will review the criteria that must be considered to choose appropriate songs for each liturgical celebration. We will present music for these celebrations



Tips, techniques and practical ideas for a complete and effective spiritual essay

Musical preparation beforehand is an essential element in seriously fulfilling the music ministry. This workshop is for anyone who is interested in getting ideas and tips on how to prepare effective and successful essays.


Bilingual and Multicultural Liturgy:

How to integrate? Fears and Challenges

We know that there is no magic “wand” that holds the secret to all the questions that arise when participating in bilingual masses. In this workshop we will introduce the concept of “Modeling Integration” (sharing resources, practical ideas and tips). We will have dialogue time for questions and answers.


Music in the Charismatic Renewal:

Musical renewal, an essential fruit of the Pentecost experience.

The music of the Charismatic Renewal is rejuvenating and refreshing in the life of the Church.  We will share a repertoire of meditative songs, praise songs, liturgical songs, songs for prayer groups  inspired by prayer and nourished by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.


The Psalmist/Cantor:

Guide and servant of the assembled assembly

The psalmist is the poetic and sung prayer guide of the Church. In this workshop we will talk about spiritual preparation and the different proclamation techniques that facilitate a slow, expressive, well-tuned song, so that the words reach the assembly and find an echo in it.


Holy Mass:

What is its origin and meaning?  How can I live it fully and go deeper into it?

We will share magnificent clues for reflection and safe orientations to those who wish to deepen and live with greater intensity the Mysterium fidei, which the Lord left us as his most valuable testament. What do the Fathers of the Early Church tell us about the liturgy of the Church? What does the magisterium of the Church tell us?


Being a Missionary Disciple in the age of Social Media:

The meaning of discipleship in a digital world

What does it mean to be a missionary disciple?  How are we to be disciples of mission in a fast-paced and social media driven world?  In this workshop, participants will learn the pros and cons of social media and how the call toward missionary discipleship includes our "(digital) next door neighbors."


Saint Patrick Parish does not have accommodations for those attending the conference. For this reason, our association has contacted nearby hotels and they have given us discounts for all the people who attend the conference. To see the list of hotels that offer accommodation, please click on the following link.

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The New Roman Missal:

Being Church in the United States

offered by the  Father Juan J. Sosa

The New Roman Misal is the first Spanish missal approved  specifically for use in the United States.  Previously, Catholic-speaking communities  Hispanic had to use the Missal published by the  Mexican Episcopal Conference.

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