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Diego Correa

Diego Correa, may he rest in peace, was a founding member of AMPHE, He worked hard for the Association with passion, dedication and sacrifice  since the First Meeting of AMPHE in the diocese of Camden, NJ.  


Provided training for pastoral musicians at the diocesan/archdiocesan and national levels. Diego was an excellent guitarist, composer, painter and vocalist. The  Diego's legacy is incalculable. God allowed him to reach the lives of children, youth and adults whom he formed and transformed as musicians and who today serve as leaders in music.  His latest production was a DVD teaching techniques to play different rhythmic patterns on the guitar. 

Diego had the great blessing of singing and playing during the Eucharistic celebration with Pope Francis during his visit to Philadelphia a month before his passing.  Diego's legacy continues through everyone who had the joy of enriching himself with his teachings and through everything he left us as a human being.


His music and that of his wife Damaris has been published by the publishers WLP and OCP. Diego is survived by his wife Damaris, his sons Joel and Yomaris, his parents, siblings and other relatives. His legacy continues  and will continue to transform lives.

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