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IX Conference of Pastoral Musicians and Hispanic Ministers

September 9, 10 and 11, 2022

Rejoice in Hope

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions List


Do the rooms in the Spirituality Center have private bathrooms?

No, but each room has a sink. At the end of each corridor are the shower rooms. Each shower is private. 


How do I sign up for rooms at the Spirituality Center?

To stay in the rooms of the Spirituality Center, go here to register. 


How can I change my workshops once I am already registered?

The only way to change workshops is to cancel registration, receive a refund, and re-register again with the workshops you want. This process may take a few days to make the refund to the credit or debit card. To cancel your registration, write to us at


Is the 15% discount code applicable for lodging?

No, the 15% discount code only applies to conference registration.


If someone does not have access to the internet, can they register for the Conference by phone?

Yes, by calling (860) 804-6650 and providing the information required for registration: Credit or Debit Card Number, Postal Address, Telephone Number, Email, and the Workshops you wish to register for.


Are the rooms in the Spirituality Center accessible to people with physical limitations? 

Yes, the rooms are located on the second floor. You can go up using the stairs or the elevator. 


How can I register a group of people?

To register groups, you must add the number of people in the registration form. Then the system will guide you to register each member of your group in their respective workshops.


Will there be virtual participation for those who cannot make it to Philly?

Until now, the conference is completely face-to-face. Our board of directors is discussing the possibility of doing some virtual section or posting videos, but if it happens it will be after the conference.


Why haven't they shared the name of the presenter of each workshop?

Every time we attend a ministerial formation we go in search of tools or ways to nurture our needs as a minister, or based on the needs of the community of faith that God has called us to serve. Let's reflect and pray on this so that this is our focus, and not who is going to present each workshop.


I tried to register but when paying the application gave this message " This payment provider is not available at this time. Please try again in minutes ". I was paying with a credit card. 

Please follow the instructions in the Conference document: "For technical problems with the registration system, please contact Arcángel Santiago at (860) 804-6650 or writing to (in Spanish or English)"

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