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Liturgy workshops, retreats and concerts  at the parish or diocesan level available. For more information contact us .

AMPHE Workshops and Presentations

  • liturgical music; The art and setting.

  • Multicultural and Multilingual Liturgies: Unity in Diversity

  • The Ministry of the Choir Director

  • Basic Principles for the composition of liturgical songs

  • Basic Foundations for Reading Music: The Pentagram

  • Vocalization Techniques for Choirs and Psalmists

  • Processional and Ordinary Songs in the Liturgy

  • Instrumentation, technology and sound equipment in the Liturgy

  • Keyboard / Organ for Hispanic Music

  • The Liturgical Guitar and the Caribbean and South American Rhythms

  • Historical Account of Puerto Rican Catholicism in the United States

  • Choir Spirituality: Disciple or Volunteer

  • Musical ministry with children: The Children's Choir

  • Different types and styles of Music and the Liturgy: Latin or Vernacular

  • Introduction to the General Order of the Roman Missal

  • Preparation and Planning of Music for Mass

  • Music for the Sacraments and Sacramentals: RCIA Process

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